To create visual content that inspires passion.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. While creating the work that has become our portfolio, time has passed. We have seen trends come and go. We’ve had big successes, but there have also been times where we’ve taken a step back to check ourselves. We’re not old, wise monks who know the universe’s quirks, but the one thing we do know – passion is everything.

Through high and low tides, passion is what keeps us above the water. Our desire to build great relationships, create amazing content and see that content put to work is what fuels us while we grind. We know just how powerful passion is, and that’s why we try to instil it in the audiences who watch our work. We want them to feel the way we feel when we look through the lens, wrap a production or hand a link off to a client. We want the people viewing our work to discover a passion for what they’re seeing. Then, action will follow.


To our clients, our process is seamless. That means you can bank some time and energy instead of spending it crossing Z’s and Q’s. We know that every project has different requirements, and that’s where we thrive. We’re problem-solvers by nature, so it’s pretty much no-holds-barred when we get a list of deliverables from a client. If it’s content-based, we can get it done.

We work with agencies, and we work direct-to-client. If you’ve got a great idea, we want to work with you! We can develop an entire campaign, or we can work pre-production, production and post-production or any combination of those. Investing in the relationships we have with our network of creatives is what allows us to be agile and flexible.




Nathan is our bonafide nice guy. When you reach out, he will be your first point of contact, and you just might land yourself a new friend. He has been essential in securing large jobs in the commercial arena, and his proficiencies working with both clients and crews shine throughout the entire production process.



Jacob is fascinated with challenges. He has traveled the world, shooting some of the most amazing landscapes, people and products. He is constantly learning, looking for ways to push the level of his work through new boundaries. He does this mostly with a smile, contrary to what the moody artist photo above might have you believe.



Kyle is constantly thinking about photography and film. An award-winning, published photographer who has written books and created tutorials all in an effort to raise up other creatives. Kyle is passion over everything else. His focus and attention to detail is what makes our productions shine... or maybe that's just his beard oil.



“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Sawmill Creative. With their infectious¬†enthusiasm and incredible energy on set,
they truly bring every project they touch to life with their own unique thought and vision.”

Natasha Koifman, President, NKPR

Sawmill has been able to capture the essence of our brand and replicate it throughout each video campaign they have completed for us.
Their creative approach and forward thinking have led them to becoming an essential part of our marketing efforts.

Shaun McKaigue, President, FER-PAL Infrastructure

Sawmill Creative has been a valued partner for many of our large media projects. Their devoted passion for filmmaking
is perfectly matched with a high degree of talent and professional services.

Vern Putzer, Producer, High Range Media Productions