Invis & Mortgage Intelligence – “Strengthened By Relationships”

Invis & Mortgage Intelligence is one of the largest and most respected national mortgage brokerages in Canada. Relationships drive the culture of this team, as well as their recruitment strategy.

After the success of our first campaign with the brokerage we were asked to design and produce another recruitment asset. We developed a unified narration, branded colour palette, and a people-focused aesthetic to create a clean and concise message. They wanted something that showed that their people are what is important to them, and we gave them something that put their brokers on display and showcased how authentic and excited their people actually are. This team is indeed strengthened by relationships.

Project Details


Invis & Mortgage Intelligence

Production Agency


Executive Producer

Kelly Neuber


Nathan Riley


Jacob Barkey

Production Coordinator

Anne McLaughlin


Brad Brown

1st AC

Ash Tailor


Swirling Ships